UHT System

Ultra – High – Temperature (UHT) Treatment System for Processed Cheese

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  • Main Features
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The UZERMAK UHT System was designed to increase shelf life of processed cheese, cream cheese, spreadable cheese and triangle cheese. The pre-heated cheese from approx. 850C, is heated at 138-142 ° C in the UHT heads and after a certain period time of staying in holding tube, is cooled down to 85-90°C. In this way, all kinds of microorganisms and bacterial spores that may damage the product are destroyed. After this process, the product becomes long-lasting and keeps its freshness for at least 6 months at non-refrigerated conditions. Capacity can be determined according to customer’s need.

Main Features

  • AISI304-316 quality stainless steel.
  • Suitable for food with PTFE and similar plastic materials
  • Capacity; (min-max) 300 – 4000 l/batch
  • Processing temperature max. 145 °C
  • Buffer tank
  • UHT heads
  • Holding section with Teflon – Inliner
  • Flash Cooling Tank with tubular condenser
  • Creaming Tank
  • Viscosity control system
  • Automation
  • Double filter
  • Siemens PLC System
  • Steam Treatment Station
  • Steam Separator
  • Filler feeding connections
  • Temperature-controlled steam heating system with control valve, PT 100 temperature sensors and software controller
  • Diversion valves, to take out the cheese, in case of temperature fluctuations
  • Pressure control valve including software controller to create pressure in the heat holding section
  • Pre-assembly with internal piping, wiring and pneumatics
  • Automatic valves for product routing
  • Automatic valves for steam routing
  • CIP routing
  • 2 x 45 m3/h capacity vacuum pump coupled to flash cooling and creaming tank

Technical Data