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Uzermak A.Ş. has begun manufacturing machinery and equipment for dairy and food industry 22 years ago in western part of Turkey, in Izmir. Today, the company has 10.000 m2 area for manufacturing and sales & marketing offices. 

The company specializes in manufacturing of food processing equipment and machines as well as installation and mounting in turn-key projects with after sales services to the leading food processing companies all over the world. Uzermak A.Ş. is one of the most preferred manufacturers that supplies tailor-made machinery with high quality and high performance. 

Our prime objective is to take our company one step ahead every day. Therefore, we continue to improve our machines and add new ones to our product portfolio. We aim to support and serve our customers with the technology and innovations. We aim to increase our presence in the world by exporting. We have exported to more than 35 countries so far. Our company’s export map includes countries such as Algeria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Finland, Egypt, Hungary, India, Iraq, Iran,  Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kirghizstan, KSA, Lebanon, Libya, Lithuania, Malaysia, Morocco, Netherlands, Pakistan, Poland, Qatar, Romania, Russia, Senegal, South Africa, Syria, UAE, UK, Uzbekistan, Yemen, Zimbabwe

Uzermak A.Ş. product portfolio consists from: “Cheese vats, filter drums, multifunctional food industry mixers, ultra-high temperature treatment system, processing tanks, micro-cutting mechanical homogenizers, moulding machines, cooking& stretching machines, trolleys, centrifugal pumps, lobe pumps, twin screw pumps, curd feeding conveyors & lifters, falling film evaporators, storage tanks, CIP tanks & units, cooking tanks, perforated vessels” etc.

Uzermak A.Ş. equipment and machines are useable for the dairy industry as well as the confectionery and convenience food industry. The products to be produced are mozzarella, kashkaval, cheddar, gouda, pasta filata, lactic, ricotta, halloumi, analog & imitation, cream and processed cheeses, sauces, dressings, ketchup, mayonnaise, hummus, pureed food, confectionery fillings, chocolate cream, ganache, marzipan/ almond paste, jams etc.