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  • Main Features
  • Optional Items
  • Technical Data


Uzermak Steam Cooker & Stretcher machines can be used for cooking, kneading, stretching, mixing and melting of pasta filata, pizza cheese, kashkaval, mozzarella and analogue cheeses.

Main Features

  • Full capacity of body is 600 kg
  • Batch capacity is 450 kg.
  • AISI304 quality stainless steel material
  • All plastic and derivative material are convenient to food and cleaning detergents
  • PLC and touch panel
  • Batch type processing
  • Automatic opening/ closing of product inlet/ outlet
  • 2 motors conjoint gearboxes
  • Independent two augers- counter rotating
  • Augers; maximum of 160 rpm speed with PLC-controlled speed control devices; directions of movement, rotation speed and time can be adjusted according to the recipe
  • Augers with frequency inverter
  • Homogenous and effective mixing
  • Safety sensors against accidents
  • Automatic temperature control
  • Electromagnetic flowmeter
  • 10 different recipes can be saved in memory
  • Steam treatment (filter & separator & trap)
  • Direct steam heating through 8 nozzles
  • Indirect steam heating from the wall which is double jacketed
  • Intermittent steam can be supplied by PLC system
  • Extruder for storage & stretching
  • Weighting system (load cell)
  • Conveyor/ Lifter for raw materials
  • Safety cage for lifter (machine stops automatically if safety cage is opened)

Optional Items

  • AISI316 quality stainless steel material

Technical Data

Machine body capacity kg 600
Processing capacity batch/kg 440
Hourly capacity kg/h 1200 – 1600
Steam consumption kg/h 200
Energy requirements kW 26