Cheese Vat

Cheese Vat

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Uzermak Cheese Vats are designed for production of curd and whey. They are suitable for the production of too many cheese types: Kashkaval cheese, mozzarella cheese, Halloumi cheese, gouda cheese, lactic cheese, cheddar cheese…

Tank is used to spread added rennet by stirring, to cut the gel form of curd regularly, to suck 1/3 of the whey from the tank by the help of a filter and to ripen by heating up milk.

Production capacities: 3,000 liters, 4,000 liters, 6,000 liters, 8,000 liters, 12,000 liters, 16,000 liters.

Main Features

  • AISI304 quality stainless steel material
  • All plastic and derivative material are convenient to food and cleaning detergents
  • Inner wall is eight shaped
  • Manhole cover
  • PLC and touch screen
  • 4 CIP heads
  • Electrical panel and lightening on the top of the tank
  • Speed of blades are controlled from 1 rpm to 10 rpm
  • Closed system with automatic steam inlet
  • Water and milk inlet
  • Platform for operator
  • Curd outlet
  • Final temperature is obtained by the help of the automatic valves
  • Motor and gearbox
  • Tank may be connected to perforated/ finishing/ cheddaring vat or filter drum
  • Wedge wire slot inside the tank to suck some amount of the whey


  • Applicable for the production of wide range of cheeses
  • High quality, high speed, less product loss
  • High performance of cutting and stirring
  • Special “eight shape” design of the tank to minimize the damage of the curd
  • Special design of the blades to minimize the damage of the curd
  • PLC process controlling system

Technical Data